Winter is coming – so some high intensity, mixed surface riding may hold more appeal than long days on, wet, slippery roads…

Have you made the move into gravel riding yet? More and more riders from both road and MTB backgrounds are grabbing CX bike and discovering the thrill of a mixed surface, no-barriers approach to riding! And you may be aware that we run that style of event through our other site, Our Kinesis UK Gravelcross Series is the perfect way to get into this exciting way of riding! If you want to know more, read on…

Gold Rush Gravelcross

What’s it all about?

Kinesis UK Gravelcross events are the perfect antidote to the long drag of winter on the road. Shorter and more intense, courses cover a mix on on and off road surfaces, switching regularly between them to create a varied and entertaining ride. The routes are designed to keep you on pace, so off road sections avoid anything too technical and MTBish.

What bike do you need?

Any bike that is capable of at least light off road will do. CX or Gravel bikes are ideal, and all events are open to MTBs or any bike you want to ride. With care, a winter training road bike could be set up and ridden for the job. See our notes about bike types here and on each individual event page.

How does it compare to road?

Courses are shorter, but it’s a more intense so you need them to be! You don’t get so many free miles on the off road sections – rolling and drafting aren’t that much help when the going gets bumpy. But most courses feature plenty of tarmac sections to let you play to your strengths too, and if you’re new to the off road stuff, you’ll be developing new skills and building a different kind of fitness. It’s a great way to become a more complete rider!

Where do I start?

Any of the Kinesis Gravelcross Series events are fine for newcomers to this style of riding, as all have multiple distance options to let you dive in where you like. If you’re specifically from a road background, the Gold Rush at Salisbury on Oct 15th is a great starting point. A hilly, physical course with plenty of tarmac to get you rolling, and mostly straight, firm dirt and gravel drove roads for the off road. Throw in the cobbled climb of Gold Hill and there’s something of the Classics vibe to the ride!

Forthcoming datesKinesis Gold Rush Gravelcross

15th Oct: Kinesis UK Gold Rush Gravelcross, Salisbury, Wiltshire
11th Nov: Kinesis UK CrossBones Gravelcross, Patching, South Downs
27th Nov: Kinesis UK Badlands Gravelcross, Henley-on-Thames
11th Feb:
Kinesis UK Wildwood Gravelcross, Woodcote, Reading
4th March: Kinesis UK Surrey Hills Switchback Gravelcross, Chilworth, Surrey
8th April: Kinesis UK Butser Hill Gravelvross, Petersfield, South Downs


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