Southern Sportive road cycling and cyclosportive events
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Southern Sportive 2011 Results

11th September 2011

Avg Ride Time
7h 17m
GoldGold 37.5% 37.5%
Silversilver 46.9% 46.9%
Bronzebronze 15.6% 15.6%

Gauntlet Route: 192km

Note: Time awards are graded by age and gender category

No.Cat.NameStartCP2CP3FinishRide TimeAward
13M50Alistair Anderson 08:173h 01m4h 29m15:357h 17mGold
25M18James Ayton 08:152h 49m4h 15m15:417h 26mSilver
76M40Adrian Blacker 08:153h 07m4h 40m16:057h 50mSilver
148M40Geoffrey Castello 08:322h 54m4h 35m16:127h 39mSilver
149M40Mark Catterson 08:163h 17m5h 00m16:127h 56mSilver
823M18Dan Charleston 08:17-4h 26m15:447h 26mSilver
180M18Bryan Cory 08:222h 43m4h 02m15:146h 52mGold
186M50Phil Courtman 08:424h 00m-DNF- 
206M50Andrew Darvill 08:163h 02m4h 45m16:067h 50mSilver
215M18Matt Dean 08:32--DNF- 
218M18Kevin Dennett 08:162h 53m4h 20m15:197h 03mSilver
314M18Richard Gordon 08:552h 54m4h 16m15:466h 50mGold
331M18Edward Gurney 08:152h 48m4h 08m14:566h 41mGold
359M18Kelvin Hatch 08:32-4h 04m15:377h 05mSilver
378M40Bob Hobson 08:422h 42m4h 09m15:226h 40mGold
415M50Colin James 08:162h 54m4h 27m15:437h 27mGold
431F18Hisayo Kaneko 08:222h 58m4h 27m15:377h 15mGold
452M40William Lane 08:152h 48m4h 11m15:146h 59mGold
520M40Stewart Mckenzie 08:162h 54m4h 27m15:437h 26mSilver
523M40Simon Meadwell 08:323h 21m5h 01m17:108h 37mBronze
541M18Sam Morgan 08:212h 43m4h 02m15:146h 52mGold
542M18Ashley Morris 08:162h 53m4h 20m15:197h 03mSilver
558M40Ian Neville 08:16--DNF- 
581M40Simon Oxenham 08:422h 42m4h 09m15:296h 47mGold
601M40Trevor Percival 08:223h 04m4h 51m16:127h 50mSilver
611M40Mark Pittick 08:153h 07m4h 30m15:227h 07mGold
629M40William Reburn 08:173h 06m4h 36m15:427h 25mSilver
640M40Trevor Riley 08:32--DNF- 
656M18Daniel Russell 08:153h 05m4h 40m16:057h 50mSilver
822M18Dan Smith 08:152h 48m4h 11m15:106h 55mGold
725M18Adrian Thomas 08:322h 45m4h 15m15:427h 10mSilver
738M18Ryan Trimmer 08:222h 43m4h 02m15:166h 54mGold
772M18Scott Wellard 08:162h 48m4h 09m14:566h 39mGold
798M40Brendan Wiseman 08:173h 29m5h 09m16:428h 24mBronze
811M40David Young 08:222h 45m4h 07m15:186h 56mGold
812M18Tim Young 08:152h 48m4h 11m15:106h 55mGold