Southern Sportive road cycling and cyclosportive events

Yarmouth Wight Riviera Sportive Results

20th May 2012

Avg Ride Time
6h 12m
GoldGold 23.5% 23.5%
Silversilver 32.1% 32.1%
Bronzebronze 31.5% 31.5%

Full Route: 154km

Note: Time awards are graded by age and gender category

No.Cat.NameStartCP 1CP 3FinishRide TimeAward
7M40Darby Allen 09:4554m4h 13m15:395h 53mGold
8M50Richard Allison 09:4753m4h 10m15:375h 50mGold
10M18Drummond Anderson 09:471h 04m-DNF- 
11F18Sarah Anderson 09:471h 04m-DNF- 
12M18Simon Andrews 09:451h 06m3h 46m15:536h 07mSilver
13M18Chris Ashcroft 09:4656m4h 33m16:116h 24mBronze
15M40Henry Ayres 09:4550m4h 18m15:496h 04mSilver
17M18John Bailey 09:451h 11m5h 37m17:287h 43m 
21M50Nigel Ball 09:4651m3h 54m15:145h 28mGold
28M40Howard Bentwood 09:4552m-DNF- 
29M18Marc Berkinshaw 09:4557m3h 33m15:195h 34mGold
30F50Jacky Bernett 09:461h 01m5h 05m16:567h 09mSilver
31F40Tarne Bevan 09:4657m3h 05m14:374h 51mGold
32M18James Bexon 09:4558m4h 48m16:366h 51mBronze
35M50Michael Billups 09:4552m4h 13m15:445h 58mGold
37M40Kevin Bird 09:4552m4h 22m15:466h 00mSilver
41M18Andrew Blake 09:4547m3h 41m15:005h 15mGold
42M18Steve Blake 09:4546m3h 38m14:505h 05mGold
43M18James Blastland 09:4654m4h 21m15:536h 06mSilver
47M40Lawrence Brabin 09:471h 00m5h 21m16:436h 56mBronze
48M40Matthew Brabin 09:4758m5h 21m17:077h 20m 
65M40Jo Burt 09:471h 00m4h 36m16:096h 22mSilver
66M40Jo Burt (2) 09:471h 00m4h 36m16:096h 22mSilver
68M40Phil Butchers 09:4653m3h 58m15:195h 32mGold
69M40Nick Butterfield 09:4646m3h 54m15:285h 42mGold
79M18Ben Cavill 09:4555m4h 38m16:136h 28mBronze
89M50Tristram Charnley 09:4652m4h 11m15:455h 58mGold
92M50Paul Church 09:4549m3h 57m15:145h 29mGold
93M40Martin Clark 09:471h 02m5h 03m16:396h 52mBronze
94M18Richard Clark 09:4549m4h 30m16:046h 19mBronze
96M40Jeremy Clements 09:4654m4h 19m15:596h 12mSilver
98M18Nathan Coast 09:4553m4h 15m15:546h 08mSilver
101M40John Colenutt 09:451h 01m4h 42m16:186h 33mSilver
105M40Sean Combes 09:4556m4h 44m16:406h 54mBronze
106M50Michael Conner 09:501h 05m3h 45m15:385h 47mGold
107F50Susan Conner 09:501h 05m3h 45m15:385h 47mGold
109M18Luke Connoley 09:561h 09m3h 54m16:156h 18mBronze
112M50Phil Cook 09:4552m3h 58m15:255h 39mGold
568M40Dave Cooper 09:4548m3h 55m15:165h 31mGold
117M50Charlie Corbett 09:461h 01m4h 45m16:346h 48mSilver
121M18Robert Crawford 09:4653m4h 57m16:477h 01m 
122M50Jonathan Crone 09:4557m4h 59m16:296h 43mSilver
126M40Neil Curry 09:4758m4h 58m16:376h 50mBronze
129M18Dan Darley 09:4647m3h 46m15:065h 19mGold
130F40Tessa Darley 09:461h 01m4h 50m16:236h 37mSilver
136M18Gareth Davies 09:4647m3h 57m15:255h 39mSilver
137M40Giles Davies 09:4654m4h 39m16:116h 24mSilver
138M18James Davies 09:4558m5h 05m16:456h 59m 
147M40Tim Dibbs 09:471h 02m5h 30m17:277h 40m 
157M40Will Durston 09:4647m3h 53m15:145h 28mGold
158M18Jess Eacott 09:4859m4h 29m15:566h 07mSilver
161M40Lee Eddy 09:471h 08m3h 53m16:086h 21mSilver
166M40Fraser Ellison 09:4549m3h 58m15:195h 33mGold
168M40Gary Ensor 09:461h 02m5h 30m17:287h 41m 
169M50Anthony Esse 09:4656m4h 55m15:576h 10mGold
173M50John Faulkner 09:4650m3h 58m15:175h 30mGold
177M18Marc Fevre 09:451h 00m5h 10m16:537h 07m 
185M50Neal Fox 09:4655m4h 42m16:336h 47mSilver
187M50Dave Friend 09:4756m-14:354h 48mGold
189M18James Fulcher 09:4556m4h 35m16:106h 25mBronze
190M40Richard Gammage 09:4546m3h 46m15:095h 24mGold
191M50Michael Gardiner 09:4659m5h 09m16:487h 02mBronze
192M40Clive Gardner 09:4859m3h 18m14:495h 01mGold
193M40Paul Gardner 09:451h 10m4h 30m15:566h 10mSilver
201M18David Glover 09:4546m-15:305h 45mSilver
202M40Kieran Godkin 09:4656m4h 37m16:276h 41mBronze
204M40Michael Goodman 09:451h 01m5h 19m17:207h 34m 
206M40Damian Gough 09:4550m4h 06m15:165h 31mGold
207M18Michael Goulbourne 09:471h 04m-DNF- 
214M40Mark Grant goodey 09:4757m4h 28m16:006h 12mSilver
220M40Steven Haggerty 09:4756m4h 09m15:395h 52mGold
222M40Ian Ham 09:4755m-15:305h 43mGold
225M40Tony Harris 09:4552m4h 07m15:335h 47mGold
227M18John Harrison 09:4658m4h 59m16:386h 51mBronze
229M18Adam Harvey 09:4557m4h 58m16:396h 53mBronze
231M40Steven Hawkswell 09:4656m4h 21m15:506h 04mSilver
236M40Jim Herbert 09:4549m3h 53m15:015h 15mGold
242F50Dympna Hodgson 09:461h 02m4h 59m16:406h 53mSilver
243M50Ken Hodgson 09:461h 02m4h 52m16:366h 50mSilver
571M18Rich Hodgson 09:49-4h 16m15:546h 05mSilver
244M40Chris Hollis 09:4749m3h 38m15:275h 40mGold
250M18Travis Hough 09:4547m3h 56m15:145h 29mGold
251F18Teresa Houghton 09:461h 01m5h 19m17:137h 27m 
254M40Stephen Hover 09:451h 07m5h 03m16:026h 17mSilver
257M50John Howes 09:4755m-15:315h 44mGold
260M40Rob Hunter 09:4656m4h 32m16:036h 17mSilver
264M50David Isaac 09:4650m4h 20m15:465h 59mGold
265MU1Tim Isaac 09:4648m-DNF- 
266M50Simon James 09:4657m4h 43m16:346h 48mSilver
273M50Roger Jones 09:4655m4h 32m16:136h 27mSilver
278M18Roland Kemp 09:461h 02m5h 30m17:327h 45m 
279M50Anthony Kendall 09:4756m4h 39m16:316h 44mSilver
280M40Adam Kibble 09:4854m2h 46m14:154h 26mGold
281M50Russell King 09:471h 10m3h 53m15:506h 03mGold
282M18Max Kirby 09:561h 09m-16:156h 18mBronze
284M40John Knight 09:471h 00m4h 51m16:296h 42mBronze
293M18David Law 09:4546m3h 38m14:444h 58mGold
298M50Stephen Lee 09:461h 02m5h 25m17:407h 54m 
306M40James Lord 09:461h 03m5h 11m16:416h 54mBronze
308M40Gary Lynch 09:4748m3h 49m15:105h 22mGold
317M40Wayne Marsden 09:461h 02m3h 43m15:125h 25mGold
318M50Robert Marshall 09:4658m4h 56m16:376h 50mSilver
322M50Ray Matthews 09:4555m4h 18m16:006h 14mGold
325M40Shane Mccabe 09:471h 11m3h 36m15:295h 41mGold
327M40Simon Mcgowan 09:4550m3h 53m15:155h 29mGold
328M40Paul Mckay 09:4753m4h 30m16:146h 26mSilver
331M40Jeff Meerdink 09:4552m-DNF- 
573M18Magnus Mill 09:4651m3h 55m14:575h 11mGold
338M40Ian Moore 09:4652m4h 04m15:305h 44mGold
341M18Dave Morgan 09:471h 15m5h 37m17:247h 36m 
344M50Matthew Morton 09:4657m4h 43m16:346h 48mSilver
348M18Andy Murray 09:561h 09m-16:156h 18mBronze
349M18Paul Mustow 09:4753m-15:566h 09mSilver
361M50Paul Outhwaite 09:4647m3h 44m14:555h 09mGold
364M40Tim Palmer 09:4546m3h 38m14:505h 05mGold
370M18Alex Paul 09:4552m4h 58m16:396h 53mBronze
371M40Anthony Payne 09:4548m3h 59m15:295h 44mGold
574M50Ken Pelton 09:46--16:306h 44mSilver
385M50Raymond Powell 09:4552m4h 07m15:335h 47mGold
386F18Sophie Powell 09:451h 02m5h 37m17:287h 43m 
394M18Jeff Pyrah 09:4551m4h 19m15:526h 07mSilver
401F18Eleanor Resheph 09:4657m-14:374h 51mGold
408F18Heather Rose 09:471h 01m5h 18m17:077h 20m 
409M18Karl Rose 09:4756m4h 20m15:445h 56mSilver
410M40Roul Rothman 09:451h 07m5h 03m16:026h 17mSilver
412F18Amelia Russell 09:4658m-16:146h 27mSilver
418M40Rob Samuels 09:4551m-16:006h 14mSilver
421M40Paul Sanders 09:461h 01m5h 19m17:137h 27m 
432M18Mark Sellick 09:4555m4h 43m16:436h 57mBronze
433M40Jonathan Sellors 09:4658m-15:125h 25mGold
442M18Tom Simpson 09:4556m4h 35m16:106h 25mBronze
444M40Michael Singer 09:4552m3h 58m15:255h 39mGold
445M50Harry Skinner 09:4655m4h 40m16:186h 32mSilver
446M18Adam Smith 09:4554m4h 29m15:556h 10mSilver
450M18Matt Smith 09:4651m4h 07m15:395h 52mSilver
452M50Seathan Smith 09:4651m4h 01m15:315h 45mGold
455M50Andrew Spearman 09:461h 04m-DNF- 
459M50Peter Stainer 09:4548m3h 51m15:145h 28mGold
461M18Mich Stradiotto 09:4546m3h 55m14:575h 11mGold
463M40Charlie Sword 09:4758m5h 07m16:376h 50mBronze
464M18Dawid Szulc 09:471h 00m-16:006h 13mSilver
477M18Warren Templeton 09:4648m3h 51m15:145h 28mGold
480M40Richard Thomas 09:471h 09m3h 32m15:235h 35mGold
481M18Will Thomas 09:4548m3h 46m15:115h 25mGold
483F18Helen Thomson 09:4552m5h 08m16:306h 44mBronze
484M18Nick Thorn 09:4648m3h 52m15:125h 26mGold
485M50Ian Tilbury 09:4657m4h 40m16:296h 43mSilver
491M18Simon Tribbeck 09:4755m4h 40m16:216h 33mBronze
496M40Jurriaan Tuynman 09:4551m4h 06m15:445h 58mSilver
497M50David Tyler 09:4752m4h 06m15:305h 43mGold
498M40Chris Underwood 09:4551m4h 24m15:476h 02mSilver
506M50John Waller 09:4655m-DNF- 
513M18Richard Ward 09:461h 06m5h 30m17:327h 45m 
514MU1Charles Warner 09:4552m-DNF- 
517M40Ricky Weatherall 09:4552m3h 58m15:255h 39mGold
520M40David Webb 09:4658m3h 00m14:354h 48mGold
521F40Lucy Wells 09:451h 01m3h 08m14:424h 56mGold
522M40Paul Wells 09:451h 01m3h 08m14:424h 56mGold
531F40Sally Weston 09:4557m4h 58m16:296h 43mSilver
532M40Mark Wheeler 09:4755m4h 19m15:516h 04mSilver
565F18Tass Whitby 09:471h 01m5h 38m17:267h 39m 
533M40Nigel White 09:4753m5h 14mDNF- 
536M18Stuart Whittington 09:4658m5h 04m16:466h 59m 
537M18Tom Whitton 09:4650m3h 50m15:065h 19mGold
540M40Pete Wilkinson 09:4556m4h 55m16:396h 53mBronze
542M40Ben Williams 09:4758m5h 07m16:376h 50mBronze
543M18Paddy Williams 09:4550m4h 17m15:496h 03mSilver
546M18Andy Wilson 09:4853m4h 31m16:116h 22mBronze
547M18David Wilson 09:4856m4h 39m16:116h 22mBronze
548M18Edmund Wood 09:471h 10m-17:568h 08m 
550F18Miriam Wood 09:4757m4h 43m16:186h 30mSilver
553M18Chris Wootley 09:4657m4h 37m16:176h 31mBronze