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Cotswold Edge Sportive Results

14th October 2012

Avg Ride Time
6h 06m
GoldGold 1.8% 1.8%
Silversilver 7.9% 7.9%
Bronzebronze 21.1% 21.1%

Full Route: 128km

Note: Time awards are graded by age and gender category

Highlighted riders completed the optional Kilcott Hill (KH) finish,
adding 4km, 50m of climbing and a 1:5 gradient at the end of the route.

No.Cat.NameStartCP1CP2FinishRide TimeAward
5M50Richard Allen 08:52--14:255h 32mSilver
390M18Richard Annett 08:461h 46m4h 09m14:415h 55mBronze (KH)
8M18Tom Archer 09:171h 47m3h 56m15:025h 44mBronze (KH)
419M50Phil Argent 08:521h 50m4h 06m14:435h 51mSilver (KH)
14F40Ruth Bagshaw 08:451h 58m5h 39m16:598h 14m 
19M50Peter Baptiste 08:591h 52m4h 35m15:386h 38m(KH)
21M40Nick Barnes 09:261h 30m-14:555h 29mSilver
24M18Joe Barry 09:14--DNF- 
26M50David Barson 08:521h 40m4h 33m15:096h 16mBronze
27M40Ian Bartlett 08:45--DNF-(KH)
28M18Nick Basson 08:46-3h 23m13:454h 58mSilver (KH)
31M50John Bayley 09:221h 45m4h 35m15:526h 29m 
431M18Stuart Bennett 08:461h 36m4h 10m14:355h 49mBronze (KH)
41M40Stephen Bignell 09:051h 39m4h 56m16:077h 02m(KH)
439M40Jason Bilbet 08:591h 35m3h 55m14:255h 25mSilver
42M18Simon Blackburn 09:171h 47m5h 09mDNF- 
44M40John Blake 08:521h 52m4h 36m15:456h 53m(KH)
450F40Vanessa Blount 08:59--DNF- 
47M18James Bossi 08:491h 52m4h 51m15:326h 42m 
54M40Greg Bryant 08:461h 36m4h 10m14:355h 49mBronze (KH)
55M40Paul Burke 08:591h 50m4h 31m15:206h 20m 
56M40Larry Burridge 08:521h 35m3h 54m14:405h 47mBronze (KH)
57F40Teresa Butler 08:461h 53m-16:057h 18m(KH)
58M18Tim Butler 08:521h 41m4h 03m14:265h 34mBronze
60F18Tracy Carlson 08:451h 58m5h 39m16:598h 14m 
66M40Richard Clements 09:051h 44m4h 56m15:536h 48m 
67M18Chris Coates 08:491h 52m4h 51m15:316h 42m 
68F18Stephanie Coates 08:491h 52m4h 51m15:326h 42m 
78M40Tom Cornwell 08:45-3h 24m13:455h 00mGold (KH)
79M40Andrew Cracknell 08:59-3h 02m14:085h 08mSilver (KH)
80M40Adam Crathorne 08:591h 45m5h 04m15:566h 56m 
83M40Keiron Creech 08:491h 29m3h 43m14:115h 22mSilver (KH)
85F40Philippa Crocker 08:462h 30m-13:304h 44mGold
86M40Shaun Crosbee 08:521h 24m3h 19m13:484h 56mGold (KH)
91M40Tony Dannatt 09:221h 43m-DNF- 
403M50Simon Davis 08:491h 24m3h 28m13:484h 59mGold
95M50Mike Day 08:451h 57m4h 31m15:066h 20mBronze
101M40Martin Dobinson 09:101h 44m4h 46m16:056h 55m(KH)
102M40Alan Doran 09:051h 52m4h 56m16:077h 02m(KH)
103M40Roger Duckett 08:451h 51m4h 31m15:196h 34m(KH)
104M40Andy Duncan 08:441h 46m4h 41m15:316h 46m 
105M40Stephen Eastaugh-waring 08:52--DNF- 
106M40Gareth Edwards 08:591h 34m4h 03m14:415h 42mBronze
418M18Paolo El sweento 09:35-3h 29m14:264h 51mSilver
400M40Clive Ellis 08:59-3h 08m13:364h 37mGold (KH)
114M50Peter Evans 09:101h 42m4h 25m15:146h 04mBronze
374M40Cliff Finch 08:451h 28m3h 48m14:115h 26mSilver
118M18Lee Finch 08:45-3h 27m13:515h 05mSilver (KH)
119M40Shaun Flynn 08:531h 45m4h 23m15:046h 11mBronze (KH)
122M18Daniel Freeman 08:461h 35m-14:566h 10m 
124MU1Kieran Fussell 08:461h 31m4h 40m15:316h 44m 
127M40Kevin Garland 08:461h 36m4h 11m14:596h 12mBronze (KH)
128M40Mark Garland 08:45--DNF- 
480M18Jonathan Gates 09:351h 30m3h 48m15:005h 25mBronze
135M18David Gratton 08:491h 43m4h 40m15:366h 46m(KH)
140M18David Gulliver 08:461h 42m4h 22m14:466h 00m 
142M40Peter Gurney 08:591h 37m4h 15m15:036h 03mBronze
441M18John Guyatt 09:051h 50m4h 29m15:336h 28m 
147M50Andrew Hall 09:181h 39m3h 58m14:595h 40mSilver (KH)
151M40Paul Hamnett 08:591h 42m4h 07m14:505h 51mBronze
152M50Steve Hancock 08:491h 37m4h 30m15:116h 21mBronze (KH)
435M40Ian Harrison 08:461h 44m-14:355h 49mBronze (KH)
157M18Kevin Harvey 08:441h 47m4h 41m15:316h 46m(KH)
159M18Sam Hayes 09:221h 43m4h 10m15:256h 03m 
161M50Malcolm Hazle 09:051h 47m4h 07m14:495h 44mSilver (KH)
163M18Stephen Heylings 08:451h 30m-DNF- 
168M40Martin Holloway 08:591h 46m4h 35m15:386h 38m 
172M40Mark Hudson 09:261h 30m3h 58m14:565h 29mSilver
176M18James Ireland 09:001h 51m5h 04m16:387h 37m(KH)
420M50Alan Jarrett 08:521h 44m-13:254h 33mGold
178M50Callum Jenkins 08:521h 41m4h 32m15:096h 16mBronze
179M40Hywel Jenkins 08:491h 43m4h 40m15:366h 46m(KH)
180M40Alan Johnson 08:521h 45m4h 15m14:586h 05mBronze (KH)
181M18Alun Jones 08:491h 35m4h 15m14:546h 05m 
188M40Jim Kempton 09:041h 42m4h 26m15:206h 15m 
191M50Roger Kynaston 08:451h 43m4h 15m14:516h 05mBronze (KH)
193M18Martin Langley 08:591h 43m4h 08m14:505h 51m 
194M50Martin Laverick 09:041h 40m4h 16m15:256h 21mBronze (KH)
195M18Steven Law 08:521h 31m3h 45m14:245h 31mBronze (KH)
423M50Dave Le brun 08:591h 53m4h 35m15:356h 35m 
197M40Chris Lea 08:461h 55m-16:057h 19m(KH)
198M18Chris Leach 08:452h 21m4h 45m15:156h 30m(KH)
200M18Charles Lee 08:491h 35m4h 16m14:506h 01m(KH)
204M18Russell Lile 08:491h 29m3h 43m14:115h 22mSilver (KH)
206M40Jason Lloyd 08:451h 40m4h 38m15:176h 32m 
455M50Steve Long 09:181h 39m3h 59m14:595h 40mSilver (KH)
440M40Julian Lowther 08:591h 35m3h 55m14:255h 25mSilver
212M50Chris Lukins 08:451h 55m4h 32m15:116h 26mBronze (KH)
394M18Lloyd Madden 09:001h 45m5h 04m16:387h 37m(KH)
215M18Nick Maiolo 08:591h 41m4h 22m15:336h 34m 
217M18Serjey Maksimov 09:112h 09m3h 33m15:085h 57m 
221M40Chris Martin 08:461h 36m4h 10m14:355h 49mBronze (KH)
234M40Samuel Miller 08:451h 56m4h 31m15:116h 26m(KH)
239M40Andy Morgan 08:491h 38m4h 08m14:485h 58mBronze (KH)
245M40Andy Mott 09:181h 36m3h 59m14:495h 31mBronze
247M40Joe Mulligan 08:451h 35m-14:596h 14m 
248M40Chris Murphy 09:051h 36m4h 03m15:055h 59mBronze (KH)
249M18Philip Murphy 09:001h 50m5h 04m15:586h 58m 
252M40Christopher Newby 08:44-3h 27m13:495h 04mGold (KH)
253M40Christopher Newmark 09:041h 42m4h 26m15:206h 15m 
387M50Mark Nicholas 09:171h 58m5h 18mDNF- 
257M50David North 08:461h 40m-15:246h 37mBronze (KH)
266M40Matthew Park 08:461h 36m4h 10m14:355h 49mBronze
447M18Simon Parton 08:521h 36m3h 54m14:315h 39mBronze (KH)
268M18Richard Pattemore 08:491h 29m-14:215h 31mBronze (KH)
270M50Andy Pearce 08:491h 39m4h 15m14:465h 56mBronze
271M18Graham Pemberton 08:521h 53m4h 36m15:456h 53m(KH)
375M18Nick Poore 08:491h 44m4h 18m14:455h 55mBronze (KH)
282M40Glenn Randall 08:591h 53m4h 06m14:515h 51mBronze (KH)
285M40Stuart Read 09:181h 37m3h 59m14:595h 41mBronze (KH)
287M18Stephen Reid 08:451h 35m-14:586h 13m 
290M18Ed Riley 08:491h 40m-14:385h 49mBronze (KH)
292M18Adam Robbins 08:491h 35m3h 40m14:065h 17mSilver (KH)
302M40Chris Scott 09:221h 44m-15:256h 03mBronze
308M50Philip Siebert 09:051h 50m4h 28m15:336h 27m 
321M18Jamie Stalker 08:461h 43m4h 31mDNF- 
329M18Tim Stott 09:101h 30m3h 54m14:425h 32mBronze
341M40Mark Thurlow 08:531h 45m4h 23m15:056h 12mBronze (KH)
426M40Dave Tillian 09:14-4h 11mDNF- 
454M18Chris Tysoe 09:181h 48m4h 37m15:456h 27m 
357M40Olly Warren 08:451h 55m4h 31m15:196h 34m(KH)
360M18David Weeks 08:451h 31m-14:586h 12m 
361M40Neil Welding 08:461h 31m3h 43m14:145h 27mSilver (KH)
366M40Noel Williams 09:041h 42m4h 25m15:206h 15m 
373M40David Wright 08:59-4h 35m15:336h 34m