The Great Western Sportive

100 of the Best Miles You'll Ride!

18th June 2017

A Stunning Century through the Wiltshire Downs!

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The Great Western Sportive

Summer Riding - the Way it Should Be!

1st July 2017

A Brilliant New Twist on the Sportive Format!

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Southern Sportive

Southern Sportive have been providing top quality road cycling events since 2006. As part of the Cycle Events Organisation we bought 20 years of events experience ot the sportve scene and have been instrumental in developing this exciting movement in cycling!

Those are our credentials anyway; all you really need to know is that we’re committed to bringing you the best rides on the best courses, with the friendliest and most professional team.

Life’s a Beach

Our new summer Beach Cruiser Sportives offer you slightly different take on the classic sportive. The Sussex Downs and Hampshire Hills Beach Cruisers  bring you the atmosphere of a summer club run to the beach with full sportive infrastructure and support!

The concept is simple; you follow the winding course over the hills and down to the beach, where you can chill out for a while, and grab a bite at the beachside cafe etc, before taking a more direct route back to the event base. You can either choose the One Way Ticket option (the shorter ride that finishes at the beach, where you can meet family or friends and make your own way home), or the Day Trip Return (the full ride option t the beach and back). In keeping with the laid back summer vibe, the rides are slightly shortened (60 & 90km approx for short and full) so you don’t have to rush your day, and your ride timing clock stops for the time you’re at the beach so you have to time to relax. 

Ride the Original!

First run in 2006, The Southern Sportive was the first event of it’s kind in the south of England, and the blueprint for the Sportive boom. It’s Souh downs course is still one of the best you’ll find too. Ride the original this September!

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The Great Western Sportive

18th June 2017

An incredible 100 mile challenge!

Rolling across the ancient Ridgeway and winding through the beautiful Marlborough Downs, the route is a real treat, with broad, open roads echoing the sweep of the scenery. The folds of the Downs provide the gradients to put you to the test, but this is a ride to reward you for every challenge, not beat you relentlessly into submission. A riders ride, if you will, and an incredible challenge!