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Woodcote Sunday Sportive Results

19th August 2012

Avg Ride Time
5h 31m
GoldGold 18.0% 18.0%
Silversilver 37.6% 37.6%
Bronzebronze 24.8% 24.8%

Full Route: 136km

Note: Time awards are graded by age and gender category

No.Cat.NameStartCP1CP2FinishRide TimeAward
388M40David Andrew 08:582h 03m4h 28m15:316h 32m 
7M50Derek Armshaw 09:041h 53m4h 03m15:266h 21mBronze
8M18Jim Armshaw 09:051h 52m3h 44m14:305h 25mSilver
9M18James Arrow 08:441h 30m3h 25m13:585h 14mSilver
12F18Melinda Atkinson 08:451h 36m3h 20m13:444h 58mGold
15M18Mark Baker 08:441h 41m3h 33m14:065h 21mSilver
22M50Martin Bay 08:431h 48m3h 45m14:195h 36mSilver
23F40Siobhan Bay 08:431h 48m3h 45m14:195h 35mSilver
26M50Paul Benford 08:421h 50m3h 53m14:335h 51mSilver
27M40Jules Bernie 08:451h 36m3h 20m13:495h 04mGold
28M40Phil Birbeck 08:441h 30m3h 25m13:585h 14mSilver
29F18Beata Blachut 08:43-4h 03m14:546h 10mBronze
37M18John Borton 09:102h 08m-DNF- 
39M18Mat Boulton 08:44--14:005h 16mSilver
40M18Sam Boulton 08:441h 38m3h 37m14:225h 38mBronze
41M50Trevor Bradbury 08:441h 31m3h 16m13:394h 55mGold
44M18Nick Brennan 08:421h 49m-14:285h 45mBronze
347M50Michael Brooke 08:421h 38m3h 22m13:455h 02mGold
47M40Sean Brown 08:582h 11m4h 41m16:137h 14m 
49M18Harry Bunnell 08:521h 42m3h 30m14:125h 19mSilver
50M18Tim Bunnell 08:521h 42m3h 30m14:095h 16mSilver
51M50Richard Butcher 08:451h 38m3h 33m14:145h 28mGold
334M18Liam Carroll 08:421h 31m3h 19m13:465h 03mSilver
58M18Paul Christie 08:421h 50m3h 49m14:285h 45mBronze
357M50Paul Cinnaver 08:45--DNF- 
36018Tim Clark 08:421h 34m3h 21m13:585h 15mSilver
60M18Matt Clarke 08:441h 38m-13:565h 12mSilver
61F40Victoria Cleland 08:441h 47m3h 45m14:275h 43mSilver
62F18Natasha Clendinnen 08:442h 01m-15:136h 29m 
63M18Jamie Colacicco 08:441h 40m3h 29m13:595h 15mSilver
64F18Charlotte Coles 08:452h 29m5h 01m16:087h 23m 
68M18David Cooper 08:451h 49m4h 18m15:036h 18m 
330M40Nick Cooper 08:421h 29m3h 12m13:485h 05mGold
71M18Alan Cossey 08:421h 35m3h 33m14:145h 32mSilver
72M40Tim Costen 08:421h 41m3h 36m14:325h 49mSilver
77M50Carl Cramer 09:111h 46m3h 35m14:405h 29mGold
79M40Richard Crighton 08:582h 04m4h 28m15:296h 30m 
82M50Mark Daniel 08:451h 42m3h 49m14:215h 36mSilver
375M18Steve Davidson 08:581h 26m2h 55m13:234h 25mGold
379M40Mike Davies 08:581h 30m3h 21m14:225h 23mSilver
87M40Andy Davis 08:421h 31m3h 07m13:264h 43mGold
373M40Roger Dawson 08:451h 34m3h 20m13:485h 03mGold
97M50Ian Doney 08:441h 59m4h 02m14:536h 09mSilver
100M40Bill Downing 08:441h 48m3h 46m14:135h 29mSilver
106M18Stuart Duckworth 08:451h 56m4h 10m15:096h 23m 
382M18David Ebdon 08:501h 10m2h 47m12:303h 39m?
355M18Philip Edwards 08:421h 27m2h 58m13:154h 33mGold
367M40Mark Evans 08:451h 40m3h 29m14:225h 36mSilver
114M40Marcus Exley 08:501h 16m3h 04m12:534h 02mGold
117M50Graham Faultless 08:441h 48m3h 46m14:135h 29mGold
119M18Peter Fenwick 08:421h 34m3h 13m13:445h 01mSilver
122M40Paul Fisher 08:441h 47m3h 49m15:126h 28m 
391M50Keith Foote 08:581h 43m3h 42m14:465h 48mSilver
125M40Simon Freethy 09:041h 53m3h 53m15:096h 04mBronze
127F18Stefania Fulford 08:441h 54m4h 23m15:246h 40m 
130M40Neil Gardner 08:451h 42m-12:413h 56mGold
366M40Alan Goldsmith 08:581h 26m2h 55m13:244h 25mGold
137M40Steve Goodman 08:441h 28m3h 11m13:444h 59mGold
368M40David Graeme 08:521h 33m3h 47m14:245h 31mSilver
335M18Paul Gray 08:421h 27m3h 10m13:234h 40mGold
140M18Ben Greenfield 08:441h 31m3h 36m14:135h 29mSilver
141F18Jenny Greig 08:452h 29m5h 01m16:087h 23m 
142M40Gary Grinham 08:421h 29m3h 10m13:304h 47mGold
144M40Darren Hague 08:421h 42m3h 30m13:555h 13mGold
370M40Adam Hale 08:42-2h 58m13:334h 51mGold
148M40Gary Hamblin 08:421h 56m3h 57m14:436h 01mBronze
153M18Paul Harrison 08:451h 36m3h 36m14:065h 20mSilver
156F18Melanie Hearn 08:451h 56m4h 10m15:096h 23mBronze
157M40Nick Hill 08:421h 48m3h 48m13:324h 50mGold
162M50Ian Howell 08:421h 42m3h 30m13:555h 13mGold
163M40David Hudson 08:501h 16m3h 04m12:514h 00mGold
164M40Alan Hulley 08:441h 39m3h 22m13:555h 11mGold
342M40Giles Humphreys-evans 08:421h 37m4h 02mDNF- 
168M40Martin Jeffery 08:421h 43m3h 22m13:465h 03mGold
170M18Lee Jones 08:501h 16m3h 06m12:514h 00mGold
174M18Marc Kallaway 08:421h 31m3h 20m13:465h 03mSilver
178M40Damon Largent 08:421h 42m3h 30m13:555h 13mGold
359M40Peter Lavery 08:451h 36m3h 20m13:495h 04mGold
386M40Ian Lawrence 09:051h 39m3h 31m14:375h 32mSilver
180M50Anthony Lawson 08:421h 48m3h 50m13:374h 55mGold
182M18Simon Lester 08:521h 42m3h 30m14:125h 19mSilver
183M50Clive Lewis 09:24-4h 06m14:405h 15mGold
186M18Oliver Lewis 09:242h 47m-DNF- 
361M18Andrew Ling 08:421h 30m3h 05m13:294h 47mGold
190F18Joanne Lywood 09:342h 09m-15:255h 51mBronze
365M40Oliver Marsh 08:431h 43m3h 25m13:555h 11mGold
199F40Julia Mchale 08:421h 50m3h 53m14:315h 49mSilver
200M50Paul Mcknight 08:421h 29m3h 20m13:595h 16mGold
201M40Greame Mcmillan 08:521h 57m4h 21m14:255h 32mSilver
203M40James Mcpherson 08:451h 45m3h 37m14:205h 34mSilver
205M18Mickael Metayer 08:431h 32m3h 05m13:264h 42mGold
206M50David Michaels 08:452h 00m4h 50m15:146h 28mBronze
208M18Ian Middleton 08:421h 51m3h 40m14:065h 23mSilver
351M50Phil Miles 08:581h 29m3h 15m13:554h 56mGold
209M18Darren Milligan 08:521h 57m3h 59m14:475h 54mBronze
210M50Bob Mills 08:441h 42m3h 38m14:195h 35mSilver
212M40Grant Milne 08:421h 44m3h 42m14:506h 08mBronze
216M40Massimo Moretti 08:441h 25m3h 22m14:095h 25mSilver
217M18Jake Morris 08:421h 28m2h 56m13:134h 30mGold
218M18Mark Morris 08:582h 03m4h 28m15:296h 30m 
220M18Chris Murray 08:451h 49m-12:524h 06mGold
223M40Edward Nix 08:451h 45m3h 37m14:205h 34mSilver
229M18Anthony Oloyede 08:441h 47m3h 51m14:596h 15m 
233M40Simon Oxenham 08:451h 36m3h 20m13:495h 04mGold
242M18Luke Pollard 08:441h 40m3h 29m13:595h 14mSilver
393M40Aidan Prior 09:111h 43m3h 35m14:525h 40mSilver
247M18Craig Pullen 08:521h 57m4h 04m14:475h 54mBronze
248M18Daniel Pullen 08:421h 27m3h 30m13:485h 06mSilver
250M18Tom Renton 08:501h 51m3h 48m14:355h 45mBronze
258M40Phil Rogers 08:501h 17m3h 04m12:524h 02mGold
358M18Max Rowland 08:45--DNF- 
259M40Steve Rynott 08:421h 50m3h 49m14:285h 45mSilver
266M18Wesley Scrooby 08:451h 45m3h 35m14:275h 41mBronze
267M18Vlad Seitan 08:421h 46m4h 04m14:596h 16m 
392M40Tony Shepherd 09:242h 01m4h 17m15:586h 33m 
268M40Andy Shiel 08:421h 27m2h 58m13:154h 33mGold
272M50David Skinner 08:421h 39m3h 29m13:595h 16mGold
274M40David Smith 08:451h 48m3h 35m14:075h 21mSilver
282M50Tristram Spencer 09:101h 58m4h 15m15:366h 25mBronze
283M50Gordon Stainer 08:452h 29m5h 00m16:087h 22m 
284F18Rachel Stainer 08:452h 29m5h 00m16:087h 23m 
291M50Rob Tate 08:581h 57m4h 03m15:056h 06mSilver
292M40Chris Taylor 08:581h 26m2h 55m13:234h 25mGold
402M40David Thorne 09:392h 08m4h 23m16:066h 27mBronze
295M40Matthew Thurston 08:582h 11m4h 30m15:386h 40m 
352M40Scott Waddell 08:452h 29m5h 01m15:477h 02m 
307M18Christopher Walton 08:501h 34m3h 17m13:555h 05mSilver
308M18Jonathan Warrens 08:52--14:566h 03mBronze
313M50Martin Wellsman 08:421h 40m3h 56m14:325h 50mSilver
314M40Edward Westhead 08:421h 32m3h 16m13:465h 03mGold
315M50John Wheatley 08:421h 46m3h 41m14:225h 39mSilver
316M18Chris White 08:441h 41m3h 33m14:175h 33mBronze
318M18Craig Whitehead 08:50--15:136h 22m 
319M40Tim Wickham-smith 08:501h 52m3h 51m14:355h 45mSilver
321M18Chris Williams 08:441h 43m3h 57m15:036h 19m 
323M18Rhys Williams 08:451h 35m3h 14m13:555h 09mSilver
326M40Adrian Wood 08:451h 39m3h 33m14:135h 28mSilver
327F18Marca Wosoba 09:111h 43m3h 49m14:455h 33mSilver