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Reigate Sunday Sportive Results

1st July 2012

Avg Ride Time
5h 36m
GoldGold 18.8% 18.8%
Silversilver 29.0% 29.0%
Bronzebronze 27.5% 27.5%

Full Route: 135km

Note: Time awards are graded by age and gender category

No.Cat.NameStartCP1CP2FinishRide TimeAward
889M50???? ???? 08:392h 00m4h 06m14:085h 28mGold
305M50Simon Aguss 08:462h 01m4h 17m14:195h 32mSilver
309M50Roger Ardley 08:391h 47m3h 57m13:515h 11mGold
310M50Michael Arnaouti 08:522h 06m4h 38m14:546h 02mSilver
312M50Paul Balchin 08:351h 44m3h 49m13:355h 00mGold
313M18Daniel Balthasar 09:101h 54m4h 12m14:345h 23mSilver
315M18Tom Barham 08:371h 46m4h 03m13:485h 10mSilver
316M40Rob Barker 08:351h 59m4h 30m14:255h 50mBronze
317M50John Barnes 08:351h 43m3h 39m13:234h 47mGold
321M18Robin Bedford 08:461h 56m4h 23m14:315h 44mBronze
324M18Adam Bidwell 08:381h 42m3h 37m13:264h 48mGold
326M50Martin Blenkinsop 08:522h 06m4h 31m14:365h 44mSilver
874M40J Boardman 08:341h 40m3h 49m13:355h 01mGold
340M18David Brown 09:002h 10m4h 53m15:186h 18m 
342M50Richard Burch 08:571h 50m3h 52m14:005h 02mGold
343M40Ian Burton 08:351h 50m4h 01m13:505h 15mSilver
344M40Roger Butler 08:441h 53m4h 09m14:155h 31mSilver
345M18Juan luis Calero lagares 08:532h 04m4h 49mDNF- 
352M40Chris Childs 08:461h 56m4h 45m15:026h 15mBronze
353M40Richard Childs 08:461h 56m4h 45m15:026h 15mBronze
357M50Geoff Clifton 08:341h 53m4h 04m13:555h 21mGold
359M18David Cole 08:442h 20m5h 22m15:537h 09m 
363M18Massimo Conforti 08:441h 52m4h 06m14:045h 19mSilver
364M18Henry Cook 08:341h 44m3h 40m13:244h 50mGold
365M18Oliver Coote 08:391h 59m5h 02m15:356h 55m 
366M18Will Corden 08:44-4h 23m14:205h 36mBronze
875M40John Cordery 08:341h 38m3h 29m13:164h 42mGold
369F18Cat Cornwell 08:442h 02m4h 37m14:415h 57mBronze
370M40Tom Cornwell 08:341h 38m3h 20m12:574h 23mGold
372M40Nick Crabtree 08:461h 56m4h 45m15:026h 15mBronze
373M18Tom Cribb 08:351h 40m3h 38m13:174h 42mGold
375M18Aidan Culane 09:352h 09m4h 36m15:285h 53mBronze
879M50Guy Davies 08:351h 55m4h 24m14:205h 44mSilver
382M50Mark Davison 08:491h 44m3h 47m13:424h 52mGold
883M18James Dent 08:391h 46m4h 02m13:555h 16mSilver
388M50Paul Dineen 08:381h 45m3h 51m13:374h 59mGold
390M40Neville Doe 08:391h 55m4h 11m14:085h 28mSilver
391M18Kieran Doherty 09:101h 55m4h 54m15:326h 22m 
393F50Claire Donald 09:042h 02m4h 16m14:375h 33mGold
394M18Lee Douglas 09:042h 08m4h 51m15:106h 06mBronze
395M40Simon Drake 08:521h 54m4h 28m14:475h 54mBronze
399M18Nick Eisinger 08:341h 46m3h 52m13:385h 04mSilver
400M50David Emery 08:391h 50m4h 02m14:025h 22mGold
405M40John Evans 08:472h 12m5h 34m15:487h 00m 
408F18Caroline Ferguson 09:002h 10m4h 53m15:186h 18mBronze
267M50John Ferguson 08:351h 54m4h 19m14:315h 56mSilver
409M40Tim Fielden 08:341h 41m3h 36m13:194h 45mGold
411M40Glen Finch 08:372h 25m5h 38m15:517h 14m 
415M18Will Flower 08:382h 05m4h 44m14:466h 08m 
416M40Jeff Forrest 08:442h 04m5h 12m15:396h 55m 
418M40Nicholas Frank 08:461h 56m4h 42m14:576h 10mBronze
419M18Edward Freeman 09:002h 10m4h 53m15:186h 18m 
420M50Howard Fryer 08:351h 41m3h 39m13:274h 52mGold
421M40Thor Gabrielsen 08:391h 44m3h 48m13:435h 03mGold
424M50Philip Gibson 09:042h 08m5h 03m15:366h 31mBronze
427M40Alastair Gilmartin smith 08:442h 02m4h 23m14:405h 56mBronze
428M40Russell Goodbody 09:101h 54m4h 27m15:136h 02mBronze
429F18Charlotte Gormley 08:441h 56m-14:215h 36mSilver
435M40Paul Greer 08:472h 06m4h 39m14:476h 00mBronze
436M50Alan Gregory 08:351h 54m4h 05m13:565h 21mGold
444M40Russell Harmsworth 08:341h 47m3h 40m13:345h 00mGold
447M40Mark Harris 08:442h 04m5h 03m15:396h 55m 
448M50Martin Harris 08:441h 55m4h 16m14:195h 35mSilver
886M18Peter Harvey 08:391h 50m4h 09m14:155h 35mBronze
884M18Ian Hatcher 08:391h 46m4h 02m13:555h 16mSilver
452M18James Head 09:042h 08m-15:396h 34m 
459M18Ashley Howes 08:441h 51m3h 43m13:394h 55mGold
283M18Jonathan Hughes 08:441h 49m3h 31m13:204h 36mGold
465M50Richard Irwin 09:042h 42m3h 33m14:335h 28mGold
467M40Oliver Jackson 08:471h 47m-14:105h 22mSilver
471M40Chris Jones 08:381h 45m4h 02m13:475h 09mGold
472M40Kevin Jones 08:351h 51m4h 22m14:125h 37mSilver
474M40Andrew Jordan 08:332h 05m4h 25m14:105h 36mSilver
476F18Lindsay Judge 08:382h 05m4h 44m14:466h 08mBronze
282M50Jeremy Kennedy-sloane 09:101h 48m3h 57m15:526h 42mBronze
285F18Megan Kenney 08:472h 29m5h 22m15:436h 56m 
479M18Yevgeny Kokorin 08:471h 58m4h 55m15:146h 27m 
481M50Roger Kynaston 08:342h 02m4h 42m14:376h 03mSilver
483M18Joe Lawrence 08:441h 50m4h 09m14:065h 22mSilver
484M40Greg Lawton 08:392h 00m4h 06m14:085h 28mSilver
487M18Alex Lehrer 08:341h 44m3h 39m13:244h 50mGold
488M18Ross Lindsay 08:49-3h 46m13:414h 52mGold
491M18Andy Little 08:461h 56m4h 23m14:315h 44mBronze
494M50Mark Luscombe 08:521h 54m4h 15m14:245h 31mSilver
495M50Gary Mahon 08:522h 06m4h 57m15:136h 20mBronze
294M50Ben Marlow 08:571h 54m4h 20m14:485h 51mSilver
500M18Adrian Mcgeehan 08:471h 57m4h 21m14:275h 40mBronze
293M18Roy Mcgregor 09:041h 46m3h 53m14:115h 07mSilver
881M40R Mcleod 08:341h 40m3h 49m13:355h 01mGold
505M18Lee Messenger 08:351h 40m3h 38m13:184h 42mGold
506M50Carl Micklethwaite 08:442h 03m4h 42m14:506h 06mSilver
512M18Henry Moore 08:351h 40m3h 38m13:184h 42mGold
516M18Mark Morris 08:571h 57m4h 05m14:155h 18mSilver
517M18Simon Moss 08:471h 57m4h 21m14:275h 40mBronze
518M18Scott Mullins 09:041h 56m4h 10m14:315h 27mSilver
523M50Peter Old 08:522h 10m5h 14m15:496h 56m 
525M18James Owen 08:371h 43m4h 11m14:075h 29mSilver
535M40David Pettitt 08:472h 06m4h 39m14:476h 00mBronze
537M40Tony Phillips 08:352h 27m5h 42m15:517h 16m 
541M18David Powis 08:341h 40m3h 42m13:284h 54mGold
542M40Stuart Powles 08:402h 08m5h 03m15:096h 29m 
547F18Claire Richardson 09:232h 19m3h 14m13:594h 36mGold
550M50Nick Robinson 08:522h 04m4h 31m14:385h 45mSilver
553M50David Roff 08:521h 54m4h 15m14:245h 31mSilver
554M18Juan Roman 08:532h 04m4h 49m15:026h 09m 
556M18Simon Rushton 09:251h 53m3h 49m14:234h 57mSilver
560F18Helen Saunders 08:492h 11m5h 00m15:136h 23mBronze
561M50Paul Saunders 08:492h 11m5h 00m15:136h 23mBronze
564M50John Scaife 08:351h 43m3h 39m13:234h 47mGold
895M40Mark Seaman 08:471h 47m3h 39m13:515h 04mGold
567F18Sam Shotton 08:442h 02m4h 37m14:415h 57mBronze
569M18John Sinclair 08:441h 51m4h 09m14:065h 22mSilver
572M40Martin Smith 08:341h 38m3h 26m13:054h 30mGold
574M18Russell Smith 08:351h 40m4h 06m13:555h 20mSilver
575M50Mike Snow 08:522h 06m4h 31m14:455h 52mSilver
577M40Richard Spofforth 08:392h 08m5h 16m15:326h 52m 
290M40Oscar Stevenson 09:001h 46m3h 25m13:304h 30mGold
581M50Mike Stoaling 08:391h 50m4h 05m14:015h 21mGold
583M40Simon Stodart 08:351h 59m4h 30m14:255h 49mBronze
587M18Shak Sulliman 08:471h 43m4h 23m14:556h 07m 
591M40Chris Tagg 08:331h 44m4h 02m13:495h 15mSilver
592M50Rob Tate 08:442h 07m4h 48m15:146h 30mBronze
593M40David Taylor 08:471h 45m4h 00m14:005h 13mSilver
263M40Will Thurrell 08:551h 59m2h 38m12:463h 51mGold
597M18Marcus Tillotson 09:102h 13m4h 55m15:326h 22m 
830M18James Trigg 08:381h 51m4h 04m13:555h 17mSilver
834M40Chris Underwood 08:332h 05m4h 25m14:105h 36mSilver
835M18Steffen Verbist 08:372h 19m4h 46m14:365h 58mBronze
836M18Paul Wahba 08:461h 48m4h 08m14:125h 25mSilver
843M40Paul Waller 08:402h 27m3h 17m13:284h 48mGold
852M40Edward Westhead 08:371h 46m3h 54m13:475h 09mGold
854M50Dave Whitehouse 08:522h 04m4h 57m15:106h 17mBronze
292F18Lauren Whitmore 09:041h 46m3h 53m14:115h 07mGold
856M18Sam Wightman 08:441h 51m3h 43m13:374h 53mGold
857M18Stuart Wilden 08:391h 55m4h 15m14:125h 32mBronze
887M50John Wise 08:341h 38m3h 24m13:054h 31mGold
862M40Mark Woodruff 08:521h 40m3h 30m13:254h 32mGold
864M18James Wright 08:351h 45m3h 36m13:174h 42mGold
866M40Steven Yong 09:041h 53m4h 09m14:355h 30mSilver