Southern Sportive road cycling and cyclosportive events
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Southern Sportive Results

9th September 2012

Avg Ride Time
6h 09m
GoldGold 29.0% 29.0%
Silversilver 33.3% 33.3%
Bronzebronze 23.1% 23.1%

Full Route: 155km

Note: Time awards are graded by age and gender category

No.Cat.NameStartCP2CP3FinishRide TimeAward
2M18Jorge Alberzoni 08:042h 54m4h 39m14:136h 09mSilver
3M40Graham Alder 08:042h 50m4h 15m13:405h 36mGold
5M18Thomas Aldridge 08:292h 58m4h 35m14:296h 00mSilver
17M40Pete Appleby 08:032h 59m4h 32m14:015h 57mGold
19F18Arlene Armstrong 08:053h 18m4h 57m14:446h 39mSilver
22F18Melinda Atkinson 08:042h 52m4h 22m13:445h 40mGold
24M18James Audley 08:383h 13m4h 54m14:596h 20mBronze
26M40Claude Autrey 08:042h 48m4h 13m13:305h 26mGold
831M50J Baggott 09:063h 25m5h 13m15:516h 45mSilver
29M50Mick Baines 08:053h 43m5h 30m15:157h 09mBronze
30M40James Baker 08:293h 27m5h 08m15:116h 42mBronze
31M40Mark Balding 08:292h 49m4h 14m14:035h 34mGold
813M50Paul Barber 08:203h 07m4h 45m14:266h 05mGold
35M18Alex Bardsley 08:302h 53m4h 33m14:496h 19mSilver
36M18Lewis Bardsley 08:302h 53m4h 31mDNF- 
37M18Simon Bardsley 08:183h 32m5h 04m14:586h 39mBronze
40M40Simon Barnes 08:473h 27m4h 56m14:576h 10mSilver
53M18Anthony Bensley 08:043h 23m5h 03m14:436h 39mBronze
54M40Gary Benson 08:032h 59m4h 32m14:005h 56mGold
56M50Martin Berry 08:103h 00m4h 29m13:595h 48mGold
64M18Sam Blacker 08:043h 13m4h 51m14:286h 24mBronze
66M40James Blakelock 08:053h 28m5h 11m14:466h 40mBronze
74M40Philip Boarer 08:082h 51m4h 16m13:405h 32mGold
79M18Tony Brackston 08:183h 53m5h 44m16:017h 42m 
83M40Dominic Brashaw 08:383h 03m4h 45m14:456h 06mSilver
92F18Charmaine Brown 08:553h 19m4h 57m15:206h 24mSilver
93M18James Brown 08:553h 19m4h 57m15:206h 24mBronze
94M40Jim Brown 09:06-4h 27m15:446h 38mSilver
95M50Philip Brown 08:292h 48m4h 06m13:525h 23mGold
99M50Peter Bryant 08:293h 23m-14:456h 16mGold
101M18Adam Buck 08:292h 44m4h 06m13:515h 22mGold
111M40Adrian Campbell 08:052h 47m4h 11m13:435h 38mGold
112M40Chris Cant 08:073h 01m4h 34m14:075h 59mSilver
113M40Robert Capel 08:053h 08m4h 47m14:456h 39mSilver
115F18Susan Cargill 08:383h 39m5h 36m15:577h 18mBronze
116M40Richard Carrington 08:103h 43m5h 24m15:006h 50mBronze
117M40David Catchpole 08:073h 01m4h 33m14:076h 00mSilver
118M40Mark Catterson 08:053h 18m5h 00m14:396h 33mSilver
124M40Richard Chasemore 08:103h 10m5h 13m14:586h 48mBronze
128M40Simon Church 08:38-5h 43m15:196h 41mBronze
132M40Martin Clark 08:382h 55m4h 20m14:305h 51mGold
136M50Martin Cleaver 08:082h 48m4h 25m13:535h 45mGold
137M18Matthew Cleaver 08:082h 51m4h 09m13:405h 32mGold
138F18Ruth Clifton 08:042h 42m4h 07m13:235h 19mGold
146M40Sean Combes 08:033h 23m4h 57m14:326h 28mSilver
154M18Bryan Cory 08:382h 55m4h 22m14:105h 31mGold
162M40James Craig 08:382h 55m4h 29m14:466h 07mSilver
163M40Richard Craig 08:382h 55m4h 20m14:155h 36mGold
167M18Paddy Croft 08:102h 54m4h 18m13:375h 26mGold
174M50Mark Daniel 08:102h 57m4h 29m14:015h 51mGold
184F18Petronela Defta 08:203h 49m6h 06m16:027h 42m 
189M50Mike Dicker 08:472h 56m4h 26m14:285h 41mGold
190M18Rupert Dickinson 08:182h 37m3h 55m13:184h 59mGold
193M18Chris Doney 08:303h 07m4h 47m14:406h 10mSilver
194M18David Donoghue 08:183h 32m5h 04m14:586h 39mBronze
195M18Chris Dorney 08:393h 38m5h 28m15:507h 10m 
814M50Francis Doyle 08:052h 57m4h 19m15:117h 05mBronze
196M18Kent Dreadon 08:183h 03m4h 38m14:226h 03mSilver
201M50Phil Dunk 08:102h 56m4h 32m14:126h 02mGold
203M40Kevin Dutton 08:063h 12m4h 38m14:156h 09mSilver
206M40Mark Eaton 08:184h 01m6h 00m15:557h 36m 
212M40Darren Ellis 08:202h 58m4h 30m14:185h 58mSilver
219M18Andrew Evans 08:292h 34m4h 01m13:385h 09mGold
223M40Matt Everitt 08:08-5h 16m15:087h 00mBronze
225M40Steve Eykyn 08:472h 56m4h 26m14:275h 40mGold
231M50Mike Fenwick 08:102h 28m3h 47m13:064h 55mGold
243M50David Fowler 08:292h 54m4h 36m14:346h 05mGold
244M40Max Francks 08:383h 02m4h 45m14:486h 09mSilver
246M50Hugh Fraser 08:053h 43m5h 30m15:157h 09mBronze
247M18Andrew Freckleton 09:21-2h 52m13:504h 28mGold
251M18Mark Fry 08:053h 02m4h 28m13:485h 43mSilver
256M50John Garner 08:033h 06m4h 36m14:035h 59mGold
257M50Bruce Gascoine 08:383h 19m5h 11m15:236h 44mSilver
258M50Tom Gaskell 08:183h 32m5h 10m15:016h 42mSilver
264M40Martin Gilbert 08:032h 53m4h 25m13:555h 51mGold
265M40Graeme Gilchrist 08:183h 15m-13:195h 00mGold
266M18Frank Gilks 08:55-3h 28m13:575h 01mGold
271M50Mel Glasspool 08:073h 25m5h 18m15:097h 01mBronze
273M40Kieran Godkin 08:083h 04m4h 42m14:166h 08mSilver
276M18Rahal Goonewardene 08:183h 33m5h 34m15:397h 21m 
277F18Nila Gopalan 08:314h 25m-16:047h 32m 
278M40Steve Gordon 08:292h 52m4h 30m14:215h 52mGold
283M18James Gowan 08:043h 07m4h 44m14:286h 23mBronze
284M40Richard Gowen 08:102h 56m4h 25m13:535h 42mGold
292M40Matthew Gray 08:043h 01m4h 35m14:056h 01mSilver
293M18Paul Gray 08:102h 30m3h 47m13:044h 53mGold
295M18David Green 08:053h 19m4h 52m14:256h 19mSilver
296M18Richard Green 08:382h 55m4h 26m14:275h 48mSilver
299M40Jeremy Greenwood 08:182h 37m3h 58m13:275h 08mGold
305M40Simon Grist 08:292h 43m4h 15m13:585h 29mGold
308M40Ginger Guy 08:203h 09m-13:425h 22mGold
316M18Roland Hancock 08:083h 36m5h 31m15:247h 16m 
320M50Mark Haplik 08:043h 23m5h 03m14:446h 39mSilver
323M40Henry Harris 08:292h 35m3h 56m13:405h 11mGold
324M18Paul Harrison 08:182h 57m4h 24m13:585h 40mSilver
325M50Piers Hartland-swann 08:043h 10m4h 49m14:196h 15mGold
329M40Christian Hatton 08:102h 56m4h 25m13:535h 42mGold
331M18Lyn Hayward 08:293h 23m4h 54m14:456h 16mSilver
334M40Jim Herbert 08:082h 57m4h 25m13:455h 37mGold
335M18Alex Hewson 08:183h 32m5h 04m15:006h 41mBronze
337M50Gary Hickman 08:183h 04m4h 39m14:196h 00mGold
338M50Peter Hicks 08:204h 11m6h 03m16:077h 47mBronze
339M50Nick Higgins 08:06-5h 05m14:426h 36mSilver
341M40Bob Hobson 08:103h 07m4h 24m13:455h 34mGold
348M18Richard Horn 08:183h 24m5h 13m15:187h 00mBronze
349M40Tim Howell 08:082h 55m4h 32m14:025h 54mGold
355M40Jon Hughes 08:202h 44m4h 04m13:415h 21mGold
358M40Big shot Hume 08:202h 58m6h 04m15:367h 16mBronze
359M40Giles Humphreys-evans 08:383h 03m4h 48m15:006h 21mSilver
363M40Jon Ibbotson 08:103h 00m4h 37m14:226h 12mSilver
365M40Karl Irwin 08:383h 40m5h 44m16:107h 32m 
367M50Lee Jackson 08:183h 33m5h 34m16:208h 01m 
368M18Spencer Jackson 08:082h 45m4h 11m13:435h 35mGold
371M40Andy Jameson 08:053h 28m5h 10m14:386h 33mSilver
372M40Simon Jarman 08:083h 48m6h 27m16:458h 37m 
380M40Sean Jones 08:053h 25m4h 59m14:306h 24mSilver
383M50Paul Jordan 08:053h 19m4h 53m14:276h 21mSilver
384M40Julian Joseph 08:183h 32m5h 04m15:056h 46mBronze
386MU1Harry Kean 08:18-3h 21m13:225h 03mGold
387M40Joseph Kean 08:18-3h 21m13:174h 59mGold
392M40Peter Kelsey 08:383h 03m4h 45m14:506h 11mSilver
394M40Nadeem Khan 08:473h 27m4h 56m15:136h 26mSilver
396M50Jonathan King 08:032h 54m4h 25m13:555h 51mGold
397F40Sarah King 08:083h 22m5h 09m14:496h 41mSilver
402MU1George Knight 08:183h 53m5h 46m16:017h 43m 
403M40Richard Knight 08:183h 53m5h 44m16:017h 42m 
407M50Roger Kynaston 08:083h 19m4h 58m14:486h 40mSilver
412M40Matthew Lanstone 08:073h 49m5h 50m15:397h 31m 
413M18Avery Later 08:38-2h 53m12:474h 08m?
414M40Graham Laver 08:553h 03m4h 35m14:455h 49mGold
419M18Simon Lean 08:293h 49m6h 02m16:077h 38m 
421M18Steve Lee 08:302h 39m4h 00m13:385h 08mGold
428M50Matthew Lilley 08:204h 11m6h 04m16:047h 44mBronze
433M18Grant Little 08:052h 44m-13:225h 16mGold
437F40Sue Lloyd 08:083h 18m5h 00m14:436h 35mSilver
440M18J-j Lorraine 08:553h 19m4h 52m15:076h 11mSilver
441M40Matthew Lowden 08:203h 19m5h 06m14:586h 38mSilver
442M18Samuel Lowden 08:203h 19m5h 06m14:586h 38mBronze
448M40Noel Lynch 08:183h 33m5h 33m16:198h 01m 
455M40Steve Magill 08:083h 49m5h 35m15:127h 04mBronze
457M50Peter Mahoney 08:053h 03m4h 38m14:086h 02mGold
465M50Ray Matthews 08:043h 00m4h 39m14:126h 08mGold
467F40Rebecca Mawson 08:104h 06m6h 17m16:128h 01m 
468M50Roger Mawson 08:104h 06m6h 17m16:128h 01m 
470M40Alistair Maxwell 08:383h 39m5h 37m15:577h 18mBronze
472M18Julian May 09:06-4h 22m15:136h 07mSilver
473M40William Mcavock 08:042h 32m3h 53m13:155h 10mGold
475M40Ian Mcchesney 08:063h 45m5h 35m15:097h 03mBronze
478M18Anthony Mcmahon 08:553h 38m5h 23m15:456h 50mBronze
479M40Hugh Mcmanus 08:183h 14m4h 50m14:376h 18mSilver
483M18Steve Middleton 08:053h 19m4h 52m14:256h 19mSilver
484M40Mike Miles 08:032h 54m4h 25m13:535h 49mGold
486M18Alex Miller 08:043h 16m5h 04m14:386h 34mBronze
493M40Rob Mitchell 08:383h 04m4h 43m14:546h 15mSilver
494M18David Moloney 08:314h 25m-16:047h 32m 
495M18Christopher Moody 08:073h 16m4h 50m14:296h 21mBronze
496M50Mike Moore 08:033h 26m5h 08m14:546h 50mSilver
497M40Anthony Moores 08:55-3h 45m14:335h 37mGold
500M18Sam Morgan 08:382h 55m4h 22m14:105h 31mGold
501M18Oliver Morning 08:102h 53m4h 33m14:106h 00mSilver
503M18Jake Morris 08:182h 51m4h 11m13:385h 19mGold
504M40Julian Morrow 08:55-3h 28m13:575h 01mGold
505F18Lisa Mortimore 08:053h 25m5h 00m14:306h 25mSilver
507M40Alex Moss 08:292h 41m4h 02m13:405h 11mGold
517M40Simon Neatham 08:182h 37m3h 58m13:305h 12mGold
518M40Craig Neil 08:043h 07m4h 45m14:286h 23mSilver
520M18James Neville 08:553h 19m4h 52m15:076h 11mSilver
522M40Richard Newsam 08:103h 05m4h 47m14:256h 15mSilver
523M18David Nile 08:052h 44m4h 26m13:495h 43mSilver
525M40Alan Nixon 08:103h 05m4h 47m14:266h 16mSilver
526M18Greg Niziskiotis 08:55-3h 28m13:575h 01mGold
532M40Lawrence O'hara 08:382h 55m4h 20m14:155h 36mGold
533M18Robert O'keefe 08:383h 42m5h 23m15:276h 49mBronze
537M40Robert Overington 08:082h 51m4h 25m13:525h 44mGold
540M40Simon Oxenham 08:103h 07m4h 24m13:455h 34mGold
541M40Olivier Ozarovski 08:29-3h 57m13:405h 11mGold
542M18Ben Page 08:073h 25m5h 18m15:097h 01m 
548M40Steve Parker 08:033h 03m4h 45m14:126h 08mSilver
555M18Mark Pascoe 08:183h 00m4h 32m14:155h 56mSilver
556M50Barry Pashler 08:052h 57m4h 29m13:595h 53mGold
815M18Sukhas Patel 08:38-3h 57m14:315h 52mSilver
561M18George Pell 08:203h 49m6h 06m15:587h 38m 
576M50John Pike 08:053h 03m4h 44m14:226h 16mGold
586M50Christopher Price 08:082h 45m4h 08m13:265h 18mGold
593M50Steve Pullinger 08:043h 10m-12:574h 53mGold
597M18Stephen Ralston 08:042h 32m3h 52m13:045h 00mGold
598M18Benoit Ramsay 08:102h 54m4h 18m13:375h 26mGold
599M50Mike Ramseyer 08:052h 58m4h 32m14:055h 59mGold
602M18Little oc Ray 08:202h 58m-14:185h 58mSilver
603M18Oc Ray 08:202h 58m4h 30m14:145h 54mSilver
607M40William Redden 08:183h 33m5h 34m16:208h 01m 
610M18Paul Reed 08:382h 55m4h 23m14:536h 14mSilver
612M18Chris Rees 08:553h 19m4h 57m15:186h 23mBronze
613M50Simon Rees-roberts 08:043h 10m4h 51m14:196h 15mGold
616M18Bruce Rendall 08:102h 43m4h 06m13:305h 20mGold
617M18Alistair Reynolds 08:202h 57m4h 14m13:425h 22mGold
824M50Terry Reynolds 09:06-4h 27m15:446h 38mSilver
620F18Claire Richardson 08:10-3h 04m12:384h 27mGold
630M18Daniel Rivers 08:103h 10m5h 13m14:586h 48mBronze
632M18Adam Roberts 08:052h 44m4h 26m13:495h 43mSilver
645M50Bruce Rose 08:183h 24m5h 08m15:016h 42mSilver
651M18Jimmy Saul 08:383h 20m5h 14m15:376h 59mBronze
652M50Robin Saunders 08:033h 36m5h 13m14:336h 29mSilver
653M40Thomas Schlieben 08:473h 19m5h 15m15:376h 50mBronze
654F18Anna Scott 08:204h 11m6h 04m16:047h 44m 
664M18Ricky Simpson 09:06-4h 23m15:136h 07mSilver
668M50Graham Smart 08:032h 34m4h 06m13:255h 21mGold
676M40Martin Smith 08:032h 33m3h 54m13:105h 06mGold
678M50Mark Soutter 09:21-1h 30m12:112h 49m?
679M40Giles Spear 08:303h 27m5h 13m15:196h 49mBronze
682M50Christopher Stanton 08:043h 10m4h 49m14:196h 15mGold
683M40Marc Stares 08:292h 34m3h 56m13:254h 56mGold
689M40Ian Stevenson 08:032h 53m4h 25m13:535h 49mGold
691M18Dan Strange 08:552h 55m4h 23m14:345h 38mGold
694M40Darren Suffolk 08:183h 13m4h 47m14:306h 12mSilver
695M18Matt Sutton 09:06--13:134h 07m?
697M18Michael Swann 08:302h 53m4h 28m14:496h 19mSilver
703M40Jeremy Taylor 08:052h 42m4h 09m13:285h 22mGold
705M40Dieter Telser 08:182h 52m4h 27m14:175h 59mSilver
708M40Alan Thew 08:053h 12m5h 11m13:575h 51mGold
710M40David Thorne 08:473h 23m5h 06m15:256h 38mSilver
711M18Dan Thut 08:042h 32m3h 52m13:085h 03mGold
712M50Mike Tocknell 08:042h 29m3h 56m13:045h 00mGold
715M18Ryan Trimmer 08:382h 55m4h 29m14:275h 48mSilver
717M50Jonathan Turk 08:053h 10m4h 46m14:216h 15mGold
721M18Paul Twine 08:293h 23m-14:466h 17mSilver
730M18Nick Wade 08:383h 08m4h 48m14:486h 09mSilver
733M18James Walker 08:042h 33m3h 52m13:085h 04mGold
734M18Neil Walker 08:033h 05m4h 46m14:206h 16mSilver
735M50Richard Wall 08:183h 27m5h 33m15:307h 11mBronze
736M40Charlie Wallace 08:042h 42m4h 07m13:235h 18mGold
739M18Christopher Walton 08:042h 50m4h 15m13:405h 36mGold
740M40Paul Walton 08:293h 49m6h 01m16:077h 38m 
742M40Adam Ward 08:083h 48m5h 35m15:127h 04mBronze
744M40William Warren 08:103h 00m4h 37m14:226h 11mSilver
748M40Paul Wealleans 08:383h 40m5h 23m15:366h 57mBronze
751M40Ross Webster 08:18-3h 00m12:394h 20m?
752M18Will Weichhart 08:053h 34m5h 08m14:406h 34mBronze
755M40David Weller 08:042h 34m3h 55m13:135h 09mGold
759M40Joe West 08:303h 07m4h 47m14:406h 10mSilver
761M40Mike West 08:062h 41m4h 19m13:445h 38mGold
766M50John Wheatley 08:033h 05m4h 46m14:186h 14mGold
768F18Stephanie Wheatley 08:033h 26m5h 14m14:496h 46mBronze
769M18Aaron White 08:182h 44m4h 13m13:495h 30mGold
770M50Martin White 08:303h 45m6h 03m16:217h 50m 
775M18Matt Wigley 08:30-2h 49m12:404h 10m?
778M18Dan Wilkinson 08:052h 44m4h 12m13:445h 38mGold
779M40Gavin Wilkinson 08:383h 17m5h 16m15:236h 44mBronze
787M50David Wilson-evans 08:042h 50m4h 12m13:315h 27mGold
789M40Peter Wilton 08:183h 11m5h 12m14:586h 40mBronze
792M40Steven Wirth 08:082h 45m4h 09m13:265h 18mGold
794M50The Wittsy 08:042h 46m4h 10m13:235h 18mGold
795M40Iain Wood 08:052h 44m4h 09m13:235h 17mGold
796M50John Wood 08:293h 23m4h 54m14:456h 16mGold
801M50David Worthington 08:182h 49m4h 11m13:405h 21mGold
804M18Paul Wright 08:053h 18m4h 57m14:446h 39mBronze