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Great Western Sportive Results

17th June 2012

Avg Ride Time
6h 21m
GoldGold 35.4% 35.4%
Silversilver 29.7% 29.7%
Bronzebronze 28.5% 28.5%

Full Route: 163km

Note: Time awards are graded by age and gender category

No.Cat.NameStartCP2CP3FinishRide TimeAward
6M18Paul Ashman 08:173h 37m-15:166h 58mBronze
7M40Stuart Baldwin 08:402h 53m-14:145h 33mGold
8M50David Ballard 08:18--15:076h 49mSilver
9M50Nick Ballard 08:18--15:076h 49mSilver
12M40Graham Barker 08:233h 28m-14:586h 35mSilver
15M50Ian Barnes 08:053h 57m-15:387h 33mBronze
16M40Dean Barrett 08:053h 16m-14:406h 34mSilver
19F40Sara Bartlett 08:043h 45m-15:147h 10mSilver
21M50John Bayley 08:403h 42m-15:547h 13mSilver
22M40Nigel Bedford 08:043h 47m-15:297h 24mBronze
25M18Andrew Bennett 08:233h 08m-14:135h 50mGold
31M18Richard Bindon 08:053h 16m-14:045h 58mSilver
32M18James Blastland 08:343h 07m-14:325h 57mSilver
33M50Stephen Blowers 08:043h 11m-14:116h 06mGold
35M18Mark Bolton 08:232h 53m-13:435h 19mGold
37M18Stewart Boraston 08:183h 53m-DNF- 
42M40Martin Bourne 08:183h 48m-15:297h 11mBronze
45M40Paddy Brice 08:282h 51m-13:495h 20mGold
48M50Michael Brooke 08:053h 10m-13:585h 53mGold
389M18Barry Bryant 08:053h 22m-14:056h 00mSilver
50M40Eddie Bryant 08:233h 04m-14:145h 51mGold
53M40Damien Bush 08:053h 59m-15:397h 34mBronze
58M50Shane Cameron 08:043h 42m-15:147h 10mSilver
69M40Shane Charles 08:05--14:316h 26mSilver
70M40Tim Cheshire 08:173h 53m-15:277h 09mBronze
72M40Marcus Childs 08:053h 28m-14:406h 34mSilver
73M18Oliver Clark 08:042h 43m-13:175h 12mGold
74F18Emma Claydon 08:053h 39m-14:596h 54mSilver
75M50Graham Cole 08:053h 18m5h 37m14:486h 43mSilver
76M40Robert Cole 08:183h 03m-14:025h 44mGold
80M40Tom Cornwell 08:052h 49m-13:175h 12mGold
84M40John Crespin 08:113h 29m-15:287h 16mBronze
85M50Hugo Crombie 08:183h 48m-15:457h 27mBronze
92M18Steve Davidson 08:123h 15m-14:216h 09mSilver
93M18Robert Davies 08:044h 03m-15:127h 07mBronze
94M18Andy Davis 08:053h 31m-15:127h 07mBronze
95M50Mike Day 08:233h 44m-15:317h 07mSilver
96M50Stephen Day 08:453h 18m-14:586h 12mGold
97M40Alex Daymond 08:052h 59m-13:465h 41mGold
99M18Kevin Dennett 08:283h 05m-14:145h 45mGold
101M50Michael Dickinson 08:174h 16m-16:408h 22m 
104M40Howard Dix 08:173h 53m-15:287h 10mBronze
106M18Keith Downie 08:172h 59m-13:585h 40mGold
107M18Piers Dryden 08:233h 27m-14:426h 18mSilver
108M18Wellington Duggan 08:40--15:487h 07mBronze
109M18Paul Dunne 08:174h 16m-16:408h 22m 
110M50Neil Dykes 08:172h 46m-13:465h 29mGold
112F18Matthew Edmund 09:49--DNF- 
402M18Simon Edwards-parton 08:113h 05m-13:585h 46mGold
114M40Robby Enthoven 08:052h 59m-13:275h 22mGold
115M40Mark Evans 08:11--14:446h 32mSilver
116M40Roger Evans 08:453h 20m-15:136h 27mSilver
122M50Nick Fisher 08:17--15:106h 53mSilver
123M18Richard Fitzgerald 08:28--14:406h 11mSilver
125M50William Flockton 08:053h 16m-14:196h 13mGold
126M50Keith Foote 08:173h 29m-15:026h 44mSilver
127M18Michael Ford 08:172h 40m-13:235h 05mGold
128M18Andrew Freckleton 08:513h 31m-16:267h 34m 
130M50Peter Frings 08:28--13:475h 18mGold
394MU1Cameron Gammage 08:11--14:246h 12mGold
133M40Richard Gammage 08:11-4h 27m14:246h 12mGold
386M40Andy Gannaway 08:043h 04m-13:525h 47mGold
134M40Michael Gardner 08:052h 59m-13:285h 23mGold
135M40Adrian Garland 08:042h 49m-13:175h 12mGold
137M40Paul Gibbins 08:05--13:465h 41mGold
142M18Neil Godber 08:233h 27m-14:426h 18mSilver
143M18Robby Goldbin 08:05--13:295h 24mGold
149M40Paul Greenman 08:042h 59m-13:545h 49mGold
151M18Paul Harrison 08:233h 00m-14:055h 42mGold
154M40Brad Harsant 08:403h 43m-15:366h 55mSilver
161M18James Head 08:043h 13m-14:176h 12mSilver
162M40Marcus Hearle 08:043h 27m-14:526h 47mSilver
163M40Richard Heeley 08:17--14:025h 44mGold
405M40Nick Hill 08:053h 35m-14:596h 54mSilver
166M40Robin Hill 08:173h 45m-15:086h 50mSilver
174M18Will Homoky 08:23--15:026h 39mBronze
176M40Sean Hoskin 08:052h 59m4h 42m13:445h 38mGold
178M40Paul Howse 08:403h 42m-15:366h 55mSilver
184M18John Irwin 08:173h 55m-15:417h 24m 
187M50Simon James 08:51--14:285h 36mGold
188M18Tim Janisch 08:172h 49m-13:525h 34mGold
195M18Tim Jump 08:042h 52m-13:445h 39mGold
406M18Dean Kirkwood 08:343h 08m-14:325h 57mGold
201M50Roger Kynaston 08:053h 45m-15:036h 57mSilver
204M18Nick Lally 08:17--14:486h 30mSilver
395M40Dave Lee 08:172h 53m-13:415h 23mGold
207F40Justine Lee 08:173h 45m-15:076h 50mSilver
211F40Sue Lloyd 08:053h 39m-14:596h 54mSilver
401M18Phil Loebe 08:043h 04m-14:056h 00mSilver
399M18Craig Longmore 08:232h 58m-13:495h 25mGold
215M50Ian Mackay 08:283h 25m-14:556h 26mGold
216M18Rishi Mahadeo 08:523h 31m-16:267h 34m 
217M40Gary Major 08:05--DNF- 
220M40Tim Markham 08:17--14:366h 18mSilver
223M18Edward Martin 08:17--14:486h 30mSilver
227M50Philip Mayes 08:233h 05m-14:205h 56mGold
228M18Nathan Maysey 08:053h 05m-14:005h 54mGold
390M18David Mcdonald 08:042h 53m-13:485h 43mGold
229M50Jim Mcdougall 08:233h 39m-14:576h 34mGold
230M50Anthony Mcgee 08:043h 17m-14:256h 20mGold
234M40Adrian Merritt 08:043h 17m-14:356h 30mSilver
236M40John Miller 08:183h 48m-15:297h 11mBronze
239M18Tim Molema 08:052h 59m-13:275h 22mGold
241M18John Moore 08:113h 04m-14:035h 51mGold
383M50Steve Moran 08:053h 22m-14:326h 26mGold
242M18Ashley Morris 08:28--14:145h 45mGold
243F40Marion Morris 08:41--15:477h 06mSilver
397M50Paul Murphy 08:113h 12m-14:316h 19mGold
249M18Mark Nightingale 08:403h 27m-15:036h 22mSilver
251M18Finbarr O'halloran 08:233h 10m-14:346h 10mSilver
259M50James Park 08:043h 39m-15:117h 06mSilver
263M40Jon Penny 08:233h 21m-14:406h 17mSilver
264M40Ray Perkins 08:053h 29m-14:406h 34mSilver
388M18Lee Perry 08:053h 19m-14:486h 43mBronze
265M40Alastair Petrie 08:053h 31m-15:036h 58mSilver
266M40Antony Phillips 08:113h 26m-14:446h 32mSilver
267M18Nick Pickering 08:402h 53m-14:065h 25mGold
268M40Anthony Piper 08:053h 16m-14:045h 58mGold
269M18Hossein Pirooz 08:343h 25m-15:086h 34mSilver
271M50Geoff Preston 08:04--DNF- 
276M50Nigel Pye 08:043h 46m-15:147h 10mSilver
279M18James Radford 08:123h 55m-15:267h 14mBronze
281M40Jon Rail 08:183h 48m-15:297h 11mBronze
400F18Joanna Ramsumak 08:113h 41m-15:046h 52mSilver
179M40Jeremy Read 08:412h 50m-14:015h 19mGold
28818Tom Reding 08:283h 33m-15:216h 52mBronze
290M18Mark Rickaby 08:413h 06m-14:395h 58mSilver
292M40Mark Robinson 08:05--13:475h 42mGold
293M50Richard Robinson 08:04--DNF- 
407M40Andy Roofe 08:17--14:025h 44mGold
296M50Jeremy Rowlands 08:173h 11m-14:316h 13mGold
299M50Dave Sanderson 08:173h 16m-14:216h 03mGold
303M40Tim Seddon 09:213h 28m-15:556h 33mSilver
304F18Holly Seear 08:113h 15m-14:216h 09mGold
306M18Vicky Shufflebottom 08:113h 46m-15:307h 18mBronze
307M50Allan Shutt 08:12--15:116h 59mSilver
310M18Dan Smith 08:412h 50m-14:125h 31mGold
312M40Robin Smith 08:043h 04m-14:005h 55mGold
313M18Ben Smithers 08:342h 55m-14:015h 26mGold
318M50Alan Starling 08:054h 12m-16:178h 12m 
320M18Joe Stephens 08:232h 54m-14:015h 38mGold
328M50Stephen Targett 08:053h 02m-13:595h 54mGold
329M18Daniel Taylor 08:122h 53m-13:465h 34mGold
331M18Karl Terry 08:123h 28m-14:546h 42mBronze
332M18Simon Thexton 08:172h 59m-14:025h 44mGold
333M40Hugh Thomas 08:173h 24m-14:476h 29mSilver
337M18Allen Timmons 08:463h 16m-14:586h 12mSilver
340F18Jennifer Trotman 08:053h 22m-14:326h 27mSilver
342M40Robert Tucker 08:113h 15m-14:446h 32mSilver
349M40John Walsh 08:113h 45m-15:187h 06mBronze
350M18Jon Walters 08:283h 33m-15:216h 52mBronze
353M50Richard Warren 08:233h 01m-14:155h 52mGold
357M40Andrew Weller 08:172h 59m-14:025h 44mGold
398M40Karl Westhead 08:123h 09m-13:495h 37mGold
359F18Ingrid Weston 09:49--DNF- 
360M50John Wheatley 08:053h 28m-14:346h 28mGold
408M18Tom Whitton 08:34--13:585h 23mGold
364M18Archie Whyte 08:043h 01m-13:465h 41mGold
384M40John Willcox 08:143h 22m-14:536h 39mSilver
367M40Bruce Williams 08:123h 28m-14:546h 42mSilver
369M40Keith Williams 08:052h 52m-13:395h 34mGold
373M50Ian Winter 08:114h 03m-15:337h 21mSilver
378M40Tom Woodard 08:043h 04m-14:005h 55mGold
380M40Martin Woolcott 08:233h 11m-14:316h 08mGold