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Salisbury Saxon CX Results

11th November 2012

Avg Ride Time
5h 18m
GoldGold 1.8% 1.8%
Silversilver 3.5% 3.5%
Bronzebronze 33.3% 33.3%

Full Route: 78km

Note: Time awards are graded by age and gender category

No.Cat.Name (& Bike Type)StartCP1FinishRide TimeAward
2M18Paul Adams (MTB)09:093h 57m15:206h 10m 
3M40Michael Alexander (CX)09:232h 47m13:424h 18mSilver
4M18Ryan Amos (MTB)09:004h 03m14:425h 41m 
5M18Richard Annett (MTB)09:044h 15m15:296h 25m 
10M18James Barber (MTB)09:023h 45m15:176h 15m 
12M40Graham Barnes (CX)09:362h 36m13:474h 11mSilver
168M18Ian Blatchford (CX)09:232h 30m13:284h 05mSilver
148M40Iain Bolton (MTB)09:003h 59m15:166h 15m 
18M40David Bourne (MTB)09:103h 21m14:505h 40m 
144M18Stuart Bowers (CX)09:232h 46m13:414h 18mBronze
21M50Michael Brooke (MTB)09:043h 09m14:215h 17mBronze
162M40Pete Brown (CX)09:143h 16m14:375h 22m 
145M50David Clarke (MTB)09:013h 11m14:085h 06mBronze
25M40Richard Clements (MTB)09:014h 12m15:356h 34m 
28M40Peter Coombs (MTB)09:233h 59m16:046h 41m 
29M40Andy Crane (CX)09:012h 56m13:354h 34mBronze
170M40Jonathan Cross (CX)09:232h 51m13:534h 30mBronze
155M40Chris Currie (CX)09:00-DNF- 
30M50Stephen Day (MTB)09:013h 35m14:315h 29mBronze
33M40Alan Doran (29er)09:014h 14m15:366h 35m 
174M18Richard Doyle (CX)09:432h 57m14:094h 25mBronze
34M40Niel Dunnage (CX)09:232h 41mDNF- 
36M40Warren Earle (Hybrid)09:233h 58m16:046h 41m 
38M18Simon Edwards-parton (CX)09:233h 10m14:204h 57mBronze
39M50James Flockton (MTB)09:043h 09m14:215h 17mBronze
40M18Alan Fox (Hybrid)09:003h 25m14:175h 16m 
44M18Stuart Gill (CX)09:004h 03m14:435h 42m 
163M50Andy Grant (CX)09:232h 51m14:044h 40mSilver
61F40Anja Heijnen (MTB)09:103h 16m14:505h 40m 
64M50Stephen Hurley (29er)09:01-12:083h 07mGold
172M40Pete Hutchinson (MTB)09:23-DNF- 
74M50Julian Kirwan-taylor (CX)09:143h 08m14:465h 31mBronze
77M40Greg Lawton (MTB)09:003h 34m13:424h 41mBronze
80M40Nick Lindsay (CX)09:012h 53m13:414h 40mBronze
81M18Charles Llewellyn (CX)09:044h 32m15:296h 25m 
141M40Richard Maggs (MTB)09:013h 30m14:485h 47m 
140M40David Martindale (MTB)09:013h 30m14:495h 47m 
173M18Tim Mcdonell (MTB)09:432h 57m14:094h 25mBronze
164M40Chris Mills (CX)09:153h 58m15:346h 18m 
169M50Bob Moore (CX)09:232h 51m13:534h 30mSilver
87M40Ian Musgrove (MTB)09:012h 56m13:354h 34mBronze
151M18Rob Nelson (CX)09:023h 26m14:165h 14m 
89M50Paul O'halloran (MTB)09:012h 56m14:085h 06mBronze
91M40Martin Pain (MTB)09:004h 04m14:435h 42m 
143M18Andrew Phillips (MTB)09:232h 46m13:414h 18mBronze
95M50Malcolm Rae (MTB)09:093h 57m15:206h 10m 
97M40Alan Reeves (CX)09:002h 54mDNF- 
100M50Malcolm Robertson (Hybrid)09:013h 37m14:565h 55m 
103M50John Savage (MTB)09:012h 54m13:444h 43mBronze
149M40Dave Seager (MTB)09:093h 58m14:565h 46m 
108M18Ihtisham Shah (MTB)09:013h 54m15:176h 16m 
157M40Andy Smith (CX)09:233h 21m13:374h 13mSilver
158F40Claire Smith (CX)09:233h 21m13:374h 13mSilver
147M40Simon Smith (MTB)09:003h 19m14:345h 33m 
113M40Garth Sommerville (MTB)09:003h 34m14:045h 03mBronze
117M40Jon Sutcliffe (MTB)09:023h 45m15:176h 15m 
159M18Aaron Tayler (CX)09:23-DNF- 
150M40Stuart Tillbrook (MTB)09:023h 26m14:165h 14mBronze
129M18Nathan Williams (MTB)09:10-DNF- 
130M18Adam Wiltshire (MTB)09:103h 56m14:565h 46m 
131M50Paul Witcombe (MTB)09:013h 28m14:075h 06mBronze
132M50Robin Worman (MTB)09:233h 05m14:074h 44mBronze
133M50Nigel Worsey (CX)09:232h 51m14:014h 37mSilver